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Two warehouse workersThere are plenty of bottom-line benefits to hiring a manufacturing public relations firm, but one oft-overlooked function of effective PR is the dividends it can pay in recruiting.

The U.S. is facing a skilled labor shortage in trades and blue collar industries. There are more jobs available for plumbers, assembly line operators, welders and crane operators than there are trained workers to fill them. This is creating a situation where companies are competing on recruiting just as much as they are on sales. After all, a factory can’t produce if it’s not staffed.

That’s where manufacturing public relations comes in.

Even if a business doesn’t have a current need for factory recruitment, building a reputation through media relations can bring in more applications once the need does arise. Employees want to work for good companies that offer competitive pay and great benefits. PR can help spread the word your company has what employees want beyond just mentioning it in a job listing.

If there is a current need to fill manufacturing jobs, then a good public relations strategy can position your warehouse, factory or manufacturing facility as a great place to work. This can be achieved through awards, features on benefit programs or garnering media profiles on employees.

Manufacturing PR can also inform skilled laborers (and those who know talented workers) that you’re looking to fill open positions. Getting the word out about open positions can inform prospective employees—or their friends and family—that your company is looking for workers with their level of training and experience. Workers won’t apply for jobs they don’t know are available, and unless they’re actively looking, they’re unlikely to find out about a hiring company without seeing a news story or advertisement.

If you want to increase leads, hire great employees, or grow your manufacturing company’s profile, we can help. Contact Ripley PR today at 865.977.1973.

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