Reach your 2023 goals with home service public relations

Wanting to continue your growth in the new year? Wanting to grow your workforce? Wanting more customers? Home service public relations just might be your answer to reach your goals in 2023. There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to PR. An experienced team like Ripley PR can come up with a plan to attack 2023. Until that time, let’s take a look at a few ways home service public relations can help you in 2023.

What’s your story?

There’s a story behind everything. The rock on the ground you just casually stomped on, came from somewhere. The client with an angry tone for seemingly no reason, has a story to why they’ve just done that to you. There’s a story and background to everything, an experienced public relations team can help identify the story angles within your industry, the story behind your business and much more. There are several ways to get your brand’s story out to the media and the public. Home service public relations can help grow your brand

Who cares?

What’s your end game? Who do you want to know you’re growing? Who do you want to know that you’re hiring? In order for 2023 brand attention to be a success, we must first figure out who the target is. If you’re doing a press release or social media post on you opening your third location in Denver, why should the people of Little Rock, Arkansas care? Now, if you’re trying to recruit out of state, we can have that conversation, but every action must have a purpose. An experienced home service public relations team can help you find your purpose with your stories. Whether it’s news on your company or you simply offering advice on frozen pipe prevention, we can find a place for you.

When should you start?

We’re already in 2023, so the time to take action and get your story in the hands of the media is now. Right now, in the cold weather months, a competitor could be on the air discussing frozen pipe prevention. A competitor could be getting their news shared in the local section or in ACHR News.

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