Raise the Roof: How Public Relations Can Help Your Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial roofing companies face daunting challenges in the marketplace. With a seasonal business model, it can be either feast or famine when it comes to generating leads. The services of an experienced commercial roofing public relations agency can help generate the attention necessary to power through the lean times, too.

There are many ways to generate positive media coverage about your business. It’s also possible to leverage social media to spread the good word for your company. Even if your internal team isn’t able to focus on gaining earned media coverage, it’s still within reach through PR services.

Everybody talks about the weather

People are especially concerned about keeping a roof over their heads during extreme weather. You can expand your brand through weather-related media coverage. An experienced agency like Ripley PR can leverage its relationships with regional and national media and trade publications to market your business as a reliable source of information on weather-related roofing issues for articles and broadcast interviews.

Be an expert. Let people know about your projects.

Industry publications and other media outlets are always looking for stories. It could be a feature. What’s the oldest building you’ve roofed? What was a particularly challenging project?  It could be technical. What tips can you offer regarding roofing issues for species types of facilities such as hospitals or manufacturing plants? What are the environmental factors in your region of the country that can degrade commercial roofs? Ripley PR’s experienced team can identify story opportunities and earn your company the kind of media attention that can help grow your company.

Give people something to look at

In the realm of social media, everyone likes a good video. Time-lapse videos of the roofing process can provide the perfect fodder for online sharing. Cultivating a good social media strategy is vital to the growth of your business. Being able to rely on a specialist PR agency that really gets your business to develop and execute that strategy can help you quickly level the playing field.

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Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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