Putting Corporate Social Responsibility in the Driver’s Seat of Automotive Public Relations

Promoting corporate responsibility through public relations

Automotive technology companies no longer just engineer components, they have to engineer corporate values that appeal to both consumers and decision-makers. In today’s marketplace, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a not an optional feel-good exercise. It keeps businesses competitive.

Living Your Values

It’s a golden age for automotive technology innovation as billions are poured into the development of self-driving cars and electric vehicles. This matched by the changing awareness of consumers, who want to see the traditionally negative environmental effects of automotive technology addressed by the industry.

In “CSR Activities and Impacts of the Automotive Sector,” a study by the Vienna University of Economics and Business, researchers conclude that social responsibility should extend to companies all along the vehicle manufacturing supply chain:

CSR in the automotive industry comprises a great variety of issues emerging during the production, use and disposal phases. Automotive suppliers should adopt a lifecycle approach paying attention to CSR issues in all stages of their supply. The most important subject in this field, however, seems to be the one of alternative technologies and fuels.

Crafting Values

Not all automotive technology companies are as expert at developing CSR initiatives and strategies as they are at technological innovation. If creating a CSR strategy is not in your company’s expertise, you can partner with an experienced automotive public relations agency to help.

In her article Public Relations Professional as Strategic Communicator, Kristie Byrum, Ph.D., outlines the role that PR professionals can play in helping devise corporate CSR strategies.

While the history of public relations may include facets of “publicity” and “press agentry,” the public relations profession has matured beyond these narrow, tactical functions, rising to accepted positioning as strategic communications. The public relations professional now serves a role as “prescriber” of recommended communications strategies to advance the essential mission of the enterprise. Public relations professionals with access to the CSR decision-making table offer great insights into devising and deploying a corporate social responsibility program that will resonate credibly with key stakeholders.

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Here at Ripley PR, we can help your automotive business find the right message and help craft CSR initiatives that will resonate with your customers. We’re ready to help. Give us a call at 865-977-1973.

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