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How to make the most out of what makes your franchise unique

All the great franchises have, at their core, a set of values that their entire business model revolves around.

Which Wich® Superior Sandwiches is all about vibes.

Ace Hardware ensures conversion stores keep their family name.

Our client, Tint World Automotive Styling Centers, is all about family.

Whatever principles, attitude and beliefs you put into your franchise, you should be taking advantage of sharing the stories behind those values with potential franchisees.

As franchise public relations experts, we understand the power great storytelling can have on selling more franchises. Great stories engage prospects, and when you can tie into what it means to be a part of your franchise system, it shows them what their life could be like if they joined up.

It’s not enough to tell a franchise prospect that they’ll make a lot of money if they choose your franchise. That’s not why most franchisees get into the franchising world. Most are looking for a change. Maybe they’re tired of their current job or want to be their own boss. Whatever their reason, they need to know what kind of business they’ll be buying into, and they need to feel that it will be a good fit.

Emotion factors into buying decision for nearly every person, and that’s no different for potential franchisees. The best kind of prospects, the ones who are all-in and believe in what you’re doing, those are the ones you can attract by showing them what your values mean.

What are your values? What do they mean to your franchisees? How has living by your franchise values helped them become better business owners, better leaders, and better family members? How have they succeeded?

These are the stories you need to leverage. Put your values to work in your communications with franchise leads, and you’ll make a strong emotional connection to what life can be like if they join your team.

If you’re interested in learning how you can make the most out of your values, give Ripley PR a call today at 865.977.1973.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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