Put Your Healthcare Tech Breakthrough to Work with Great PR

It’s no substitute for a human touch, but healthcare technology can work hand-in-hand with providers to deliver better outcomes for patients. Technology holds the potential to touch lives across all aspects of the healthcare, from VA hospitals providing veterans with video chat mental health appointments to think tanks developing tech solutions to better care for infants in low-resource settings.

But there are unique challenges faced by all healthcare IT companies. Healthcare providers and patients need to know that the technology works and is safe. Investors want to know that the tech is needed and profitable. That’s where healthcare technology public relations can help. Getting investors and end-users on board with your technology is the first step towards putting your vision to work changing and even saving lives.

Trust Issues

People have trouble trusting anything new, especially when it comes to their health. Media coverage of data breaches, malware and spyware can make them even less likely to trust healthcare IT. But a great PR message will calm their fears and build trust in your tech.

A PR agency can start by showcasing the talents and credentials of your healthcare tech company’s leadership. Establish them as experts in their field through social media activity, speaking engagements and media appearances.

In addition, crafting your marketing message to include discussion of healthcare IT security — and how seriously your company takes it — will help build trust in your tech.

What’s the Benefit?

Is there a need for your healthcare tech breakthrough? How does your tech supplement traditional medicine? Does it make healthcare providers’ work easier, more accurate or more efficient? And, most importantly, how does it improve patient outcomes?

The benefits to patients, healthcare providers and potential investors must be well known if your tech is going to see widespread use. Great public relations will answer all these questions and weave them into a unified message, one that will tell your story effectively to the widest possible audience.

Partner with Pros

You believe in your healthcare tech breakthrough, and so do the professionals at Ripley PR. We know technology can enhance healthcare delivery for people all around the world, and we are passionate about helping innovators change lives. Want to put the power of PR to work for you? Call us today at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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