Pull Ahead of the Social Competition with Automotive PR

Are Your Social Media Efforts Running Out of Gas?

As the demographics for automotive industry consumers continue to shift toward millennial buyers, so do their customer service demands and shopping habits.

Perhaps no other brand serves as a better example of this than Carvana. The modern, progressive dealer appeals directly to those wishing to do business online, skip the face-to-face sales process and receive prompt delivery as opposed to picking up their product.

Regardless of whether or not you offer entire automobiles, accessories or services, having a savvy online presence can help you take the lead over your competitors, and a full-service agency skilled in automotive public relations can help.

Consistency is Key

Having an automotive public relations agency take the lead on your social media can let you focus more on contacting leads, closing sales and growing your business.

Three ways a team of social media experts can help are:

  • Maintaining a consistent content output: A major factor in social media success is being consistent. Having a team dedicated to your online content takes the work off your plate and ensures full weeks of engaging content for your followers. A team with experience in the automotive industry will know how to capitalize on the latest trends and hashtags, too.
  • Developing strategic, engaging paid ads: Targeting the right audience is critical, and making sure your key messages are still conveyed through attractive social advertisements is paramount to their success. Having your social media and PR teams in the same house ensure that as your story is told across various mediums, your messaging remains clear.
  • Responding to reviews and comments in a timely manner: The best (and sometimes most difficult) part of social media is the two-way engagement with your customer base. Occasionally, bad reviews and nasty comments happen. Having a team that can respond accordingly and professionally can help solidify you as a company that cares, and being prompt in replying can make the difference between reaching an agreeable resolution and dealing with an ongoing issue.

To find out how an agency experienced in automotive public relations can help you take your social media to the next level, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.

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