Public Relations Differentiates Your Franchise from the Rest

Why do customers choose to patronize a franchise business? Is it because that business is featured on the local TV news frequently? Or because the business has the most positive reviews on Google? Or maybe the franchise’s social media posts show up first in Google searches and on influencer news feeds? All of these things can help franchise businesses attract customers and impact buying decisions.

If your franchise business isn’t getting any of that kind of attention, maybe it’s time to hire a franchise public relations expert. A reputable and experienced franchise PR firm will:

1-Supercharge your social media presence
Chances are, you do not have a franchise social media expert on your staff. Hiring the right agency can take your social media from meh to marvelous! A PR agency understands the social media landscape and leverages that to help your business stand out from the competition.

2-Obtain media coverage on TV and other news channels
An experienced PR professional knows your industry movers and shakers, already has media contacts and knows the secrets to getting your story in the news. Positive news stories are more believable than advertisements.

3-Enhance and solidify your reputation
A good PR plan includes an overall reputation management campaign to strengthen and improve your franchise brand’s reputation across all channels with targeted and proven methods. Look for a firm that can offer case studies and verified client recommendations.

4-Write press releases that have a unique angle
Some say “anyone can write a press release.” But the truth is, only a talented few can write a press release that gets reporters to take notice and seek your business out for a story.

Promoting your franchise brand’s unique qualities the right way can make all the difference in a crowded field, so do not leave it to an inexperienced staffer or newbie PR firm.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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