Public Relations Can Help Cure the Ills of Healthcare Tech

Concerns about the security of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) has grown in recent years. In June 2019 alone, researchers discovered that 2 billion records had been exposed in a breach related to a smart home device company.

In Healthcare IT, protecting the security of your customers' data is your first priority.

Healthcare IT applications share the same risks. Similar to the problems facing other technology, health-tracking hardware and even internet-managed medical devices are facing threats of hacking, viruses and more. This can not only compromise the patient’s data and identity, but in rare cases it could even put their health at risk.

What’s a healthcare IT company to do if the patients and medical providers are growing wary of internet-connected devices and cloud-based medical data management software? The answer to winning back customer trust is healthcare IT public relations.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

In healthcare, perception is reality. The way people see your company is all that matters, so making sure your values and successes are being publicized is key to building trust with your customers and patients. A healthcare information technology public relations agency like Ripley PR will work with you to establish a respected brand image for your company and product.

Prepare for the Worst

As we’ve learned in the past few years, even the largest companies aren’t immune to data breaches and hacking attempts. If your customers’ sensitive data leaks, apologies won’t be enough. How you handle those situations can be what keeps your company alive or seals its fate. A robust crisis management strategy is like a health insurance policy that ensures your company is prepared to respond effectively, no matter what happens.

Take the Next Step

As the responsibilities healthcare IT companies have increase, an experienced healthcare IT public relations agency can be just what the doctor ordered. Don’t settle for a placebo. Contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.

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