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As a B2B company, your business depends on being able to reach the right decisionmakers to sell its products or services.  As the U.S. population ages, businesses have to adapt to the changing preferences of those decisionmakers to keep the lines of communication open.Online review illustration.

Millennials aren’t an up-and-coming segment of the population. They’re already in the driver’s seat as leaders for many businesses.  If your B2B company isn’t paying attention to their preferences for learning about products and services, it is going to lose out.

That’s where B2B public relations comes into play, helping companies find the best, most effective ways to reach and influence these decisionmakers.

Importance of Reviews

For millennials, word of mouth — or more accurately word of internet — is where it’s at when it comes to learning about new products or services. In “A Fresh Look at Millennial B2B Buyers,” David Dodd reports on research into the mindset of millennial buyers and purchasing officers:

The millennial buyers surveyed by Demand Gen expressed a strong preference for learning about products or services from peers, colleagues, and other users. When the survey participants were asked what types of content were most helpful in their buying decisions, the top choice was user reviews (61% of respondents), and case studies came in third (34% of respondents).

When the survey participants were asked what resources they usually depend on when researching business purchase decisions, the top choice was review sites (49% of respondents).

This means B2B companies cannot write off online reviews as only mattering in the B2C market. Without proactively managing your online reputation, you risk losing out on millennial buyers, who put much more weight on reviews.

Reputation Management

Properly managing your online reputation can be a time-intensive process, but partnering with Ripley PR, an experienced B2B public relations agency, is a cost-effective way to boost your image. Our experts can spread boost your visibility through positive news coverage in trade publications and traditional media, while monitoring and engaging all reviewers on major social media platforms, whether positive or negative. Ready to learn more? Give Ripley PR a call at (865) 977-1973.

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