Promoting Your Supply Chain with Healthcare IT PR

With the vaccination efforts for COVID-19 underway, attention continues to grow about the important of healthcare supply chain logistics.

Writing in Healthcare IT News, Kat Jerich reports that the vaccination efforts have highlighted the need for healthcare organizations to better protect their supply chains:

Supply chain logistics have proved to be an enduring issue during the initial rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, with the importance of the “cold chain” looming large in preserving the medications’ integrity as it makes its way from distributor to patient. But those logistics present another potential snag: diversion. 

As a healthcare IT company that provides the logistics support, now is the time to implement a strategic brand awareness campaign to highlight your products. This is where a partnership with a PR agency experienced in healthcare IT public relations can prove valuable.

In this climate, healthcare organizations must implement the right technical infrastructure to secure their supply chains, but if decision makers don’t know about your product, they can’t invest in it. Partnering with a Ripley PR, an agency that specializes in healthcare IT public relations agency, can help your business deliver its message about the benefits of its logistics software to your target audience in a compelling and informative way.

Our health IT PR experts can implement the right strategy to reach the right decision makers about your products. To find out how Ripley PR can help, contact us today at (865) 977-1973.


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