Promoting Your Franchise Network Through Content Marketing

Needing more tools for your franchise development toolbox? Adding content marketing to your franchise public relations strategy can pay dividends in generating leads for your brand.

Quality, informative content — such as blogs, bylined articles, and social media posts — can play double duty in helping increase business for your existing franchise owners while informing interested entrepreneurs about your brand.

Great content increases your online visibility, allowing you to educate potential leads about your value proposition. You can also market the advantages of converting existing businesses to your franchise brand.

Increasing Visibility with Franchise PR

A great franchise public relations strategy uses content marketing to increase your online visibility. That’s the first place that interested parties will look for information about franchising opportunities, and you can’t generate leads if nobody can find your company in the search results.

Advantages of content marketing include:

  • Informing potential leads. Blogs and bylined articles can lay out the case for the advantages of joining your franchise. The best PR strategies don’t focus on value proposition alone but promote your corporate culture as well.
  • Establishing your expertise. Potential franchisees won’t take your brand seriously unless it can establish itself as the expert in its industry. Publishing informative articles and blogs goes a long way toward building brand reputation.
  • Keeps paying dividends. Content isn’t throwaway. By repurposing it as social media posts and infographics and media pitches, it can keep providing good ROI long after it is written.

Finding a Franchise PR Partner

Content marketing is a valuable tool, but it does take a consistent investment in time and effort to be successful. The question becomes, “Where does the leadership of your franchise brand prefer to spend their effort? Developing content or growing the business?” The answer is to partner with an experienced franchise public relations agency like Ripley PR. We can take the burden off your leadership team by implementing a content marketing strategy to boost franchise growth. Give our experts a call today at (865) 977-1973 or visit us online.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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