Promoting What Your Tech Company Does (and How It Does It)

Changing consumer sentiments require technology companies to be skilled in both hard science and soft interpersonal skills to compete in today’s marketplace. The best public relations strategies give businesses way promote their technical accomplishments while reassuring skeptical consumers about their ethics.

Case Studies and White Papers

When it comes to promoting what your tech company does, case studies and white papers are the nuts and bolts of great tech public relations. Both are promotional materials that allow complex subject matter to be distilled into forms that non-experts and experts alike can understand.

White papers, authoritative reports about technical subjects, can help B2B decision-makers understand the technical aspects of your products and the problems they solve. A case study will focus on how your technology allowed a particular customer to solve a problem or overcome a challenge. They showcase the bona fides of your tech business, promoting industry-specific credibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Still, the technical aspects of your company’s products or services aren’t the only that thing matters to consumers. During a 2018 study, “Brands in Motion,” more than 27,000 consumers and B2B decision makers were surveyed across eight global markets about changing sentiments. The takeaway? Tech companies can’t just rely on their technical achievements to gain consumer trust:

Consumers have high expectations for brands to use innovative technologies, but most are afraid of how those same technologies might disrupt their lives. These fears are causing consumers to demand accountability. 97 percent said it’s a brand’s responsibility to use technology ethically. And if brands can’t do it right, then 94 percent said it’s the government’s job to ensure the ethical use of tech.

In today’s marketplace, consumers increasingly want tech companies to not only be good at what they do, they want them to do good in the process. This makes the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives less of an option and more of a mandatory tech public relations tool.

Tech PR Help

Need help promoting the benefits of your technology while getting the word out about positive social initiatives? The tech public relations experts at Ripley PR can develop the right CSR initiatives for your company as well as in-depth and compelling case studies and white papers to showcase your technology. If you need help or want to learn more, call us today at 865-977-1973.

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