Promoting Construction Tech in Challenging Times

Sometimes challenging times mean new opportunities. Tech companies are in a position to capitalize on the accelerating adoption of technology by the construction industry.Contech illustration

Although the industry as a whole had already begun shedding its traditional reluctance to adopt new technologies in recent years, the coronavirus pandemic is fueling the drive to adopt the tech tools needed to survive in the current environment.

In Construction Dive, Zachary Phillips writes that industry analysts believe there will be ongoing investment in new tech, including the use of digitization and other innovations:

The pandemic has helped contractors to realize how efficient and fast online platforms can be, especially with the ongoing shortage of skilled labor and fewer workers being able to be on a jobsite at any given time.

The pandemic has essentially thrown contractors into the contech deep end and proven the effectiveness of digital workflow management software, progress tracking in real time and advanced schedule optimization, all of which McKinsey anticipates will increase in usage and investments.

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