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Fall is in the air in East Tennessee and the beauty of Knoxville and our region can be found everywhere you look throughout our area. For businesses in the Knoxville area, fall is a great time to think about the successes so far this year and to begin making plans for success in 2017. When you are reviewing how your business has done this year, a great question to ponder is how you are promoting your Knoxville company? If you can’t find a quick answer to that question, it may be time to consider incorporating a B2B public relations program with a dedicated, professional Knoxville PR agency like Ripley PRKnoxville B2B Public Relations Ripley PR

As you begin planning for the rest of 2016 and for 2017, the addition of a B2B public relations program with the Knoxville public relations professionals at Ripley PR can help drive greater recognition for your business in Knoxville and East Tennessee for next year. What can a Knoxville B2B public relations partner like Ripley PR do for your business? Our team can help with a wide variety of public relations and marketing programs for your business, including:

  • Knoxville Media Relations – Working with Knoxville media partners, Ripley PR can position your business as a go-to resource for the B2B aspect of your business. A Knoxville public relations partner like Ripley PR can present your business as experts in your field to other businesses when topics of interest are presented by media organizations. In addition, our experience in working with local media outlets can help drive additional B2B recognition of your specific services to other businesses in the Knoxville market, as well as on regional and national levels.
  • Area Specific Content – When a Knoxville area business needs assistance with a B2B related issue, heading to search engines to find an area business that has knowledge and expertise is a likely first step. Having a public relations partner who is familiar with creating engaging, Knoxville targeted content for your B2B business can position your company those that are looking for an area company that can assist with their B2B requirements.
  • Brand Recognition for the Knoxville market – Do you know how your brand is viewed by other businesses in the Knoxville and East Tennessee market? When you work with a Knoxville public relations company like Ripley PR, we can help create, define and deploy your B2B brand to other businesses in Knoxville with our expertise in what drives brand recognition in the Knoxville market. Having worked with a number of B2B companies in Knoxville, we are acutely aware of what resonates with Knoxville companies and can leverage our expertise to make your brand memorable in our area.

Knowing the Knoxville B2B market is critically important for success for businesses that are wanting to exceed their current expectations for success. If you need assistance in growing your opportunity for success in the Knoxville B2B market, having a Knoxville PR agency partner like Ripley PR can help you find the best ways to reach B2B partners in Knoxville and East Tennessee.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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