Press Releases can Boost Your Credibility

Press releases, when used as part of a strategic PR plan for a home service company, can get picked up by your local media and help build your positive reputation and credibility.

Press releases aren’t all the same, however, so working with a home service public relations expert like Ripley PR makes all the difference in whether your press release gets attention and exposure. Here’s a few reasons a professional press release is important:

  • Media know which press releases are worth looking at. While journalists and reporters need to be thorough and do their research, the less work they have to do to a press release, the better. Ripley PR’s team includes former journalists who know exactly how to write a press release that’s ready for print. Journalists appreciate that.
  • Industry media want stories that resonate with their audiences. In the home services industry, press releases that cater to the interests of the media and the beats they cover get attention. They know what news or information the industry wants to hear, and a professional press release that hits that target makes an impression and gets coverage.
  • New competition is coming up with new strategies, so staying in the news is critical. Home service businesses are popular, and you can’t sit on your laurels or depend on past customers to stay competitive. Professional press releases keep your business top-of-mind with media and existing customers. And a carefully written press release can entice new customers if pitched correctly to news channels and media.

Don’t risk hurting your business image with poorly-written and carelessly-crafted press releases. Invest in your company’s future by partnering with Ripley PR, the top public relations agency in the home service industry. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or fill out this form for more information.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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