Prepare for the Crisis You Haven’t Had …Yet

Manufacturing PR can help

Cast your industry aside — we all hate the c-word. A crisis is something we just don’t want to think about, and some of us may honestly believe that one will never happen. The problem with crises is that they can develop even when you’ve done everything right for months on end, or you’re celebrating hundreds of days without an accident. They can happen to the best of us, and that’s ok. It’s how you react and respond that matters.

The best way to handle any crisis is to plan for it before it ever happens, and an agency skilled in manufacturing public relations can help.

Who’s got your back?

There is nothing worse than facing a public crisis without a plan, and having a public relations agency experienced in the manufacturing space shepherd you through the situation can keep the chaos under control and keep your brand and reputation protected.

Such an agency can help you:

  • Outline a strategy for handling a crisis: Commonly referred to as a crisis communications plan, having a roadmap in place for your company is the best place to start. A solid, comprehensive plan will outline clear, actionable steps for your team to take and help you understand the role your public relations team will take throughout the crisis.
  • Understand your unique sources for potential crises: In manufacturing, physical injury and resulting lawsuits are always a risk. However, inappropriate comments from a company executive, allegations of unwanted advances within the business, fraudulent financial activity and environmental mishaps are also all potential risks that should be considered and included in your preparation.
  • Identify and prepare your spokespersons: Only specific leaders within your organization should address the media during a crisis. Partnering with a team experienced in manufacturing public relations can help you identify and prep the right speakers through dynamic media training and developing prepared statements. Your entire workforce should know who these individuals are and also understand how to appropriately deflect and direct media inquiries back to the approved spokespersons.

To find out how an agency experienced in manufacturing public relations can help you prepare for a crisis and protect your brand, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.

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