PR Work We Do to Support Franchisees’ Grand Openings

public relations to help boost franchise development

Building awareness of new franchise locations in local markets is integral to its success. Whether these new franchise locations are months away from opening or have just opened its doors for business, franchise public relations can help build awareness and visibility of new franchise locations, which in turn, will help drive client leads.

Here are a few things we do at Ripley PR to help support franchisees with grand openings:

Customized press releases

As soon as the franchise paperwork is done, we can help build excitement in local markets for the brand of service, or product, which is coming to town. Customized press releases are great tools to announce this news to the media. The grand opening is a big deal and you want to make sure the media knows about it.

Media outreach

The media is an important conduit to communicate with the franchise owner’s local market. Whether you plan on having a big grand opening event, or just want to announce the date for when you will officially start doing business, the fact that there will be a new business in town is news. Ripley PR do media outreach on your behalf and will make sure all the main media outlets, as well as the newer digital media outlets, are aware of the new business in town.

Coordinate media interviews

As part of our media outreach, we work towards securing media interviews for new franchise owners. Ripley PR will help franchise owners prepare for these interviews and give media training, if needed.

Website and social media

People who heard about a new local business in town and who want to learn more, will most likely search for more details online. Communicating all the important info, like grand opening event details, address, contact details, and more, is important to create a good first impression with customers. Ripley PR can help you streamline all communications about the grand opening on all your communication platforms, making sure all your messaging is correct and timely. Running targeted social media ad campaigns with our help, can further increase awareness and visibility.

To learn more about ways Ripley PR can help support franchisees’ grand openings, contact us today.


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