PR lets your home service expertise market for you

If you own a home service business, you employ skilled, hands-on employees. You may not have considered this, but this gives you a lot to work with when it comes to marketing. If you could showcase the skillset and expertise your business has to offer as part of your marketing strategy, wouldn’t that be preferable to not only your team, but your customers as well?

This is where a home service public relations agency comes in.

How do I showcase my business?

Most people are uncomfortable talking about themselves to the public. Actions speak louder than words, so you’d rather show homeowners what your business can do for them. In the PR world, we talk about your business for you. You’re the expert, and we want others to know that. We can connect you with media outlets by talking about your business, which then allows you to showcase your expertise, so consumers will identify you as the go-to professional in your field.

Does this mean I have to be on TV?

Television is always a potential, but there are many ways to share what you do with the public. Does your target audience read the newspaper? Magazines? We’ll figure out which outlets work best for your clientele and create press releases and potential articles that will catch their interest.

What about my current strategies?

If you’re maintaining social media, blog posts and an updated website, keep doing that. These are great ways to connect with consumers and share your field knowledge by posting informative pieces more often than promotional posts about your business itself. Your PR team can also help you with your online presence so you can focus on your business.

Public relations allows your own accomplishments and field knowledge to market for you. Ripley PR is known for our work with business owners like you, and we know the best ways to get you the right media coverage. If you’re ready to take a step further, public relations is the right fodder for your business growth. Give us a call today at (865)-977-1973 or visit Ripley PR online.


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