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Franchise brands like yours could be sitting on top of untapped wells of public relations power and not even realize it. When it comes boosting your brand’s image, don’t underestimate the strength of putting the stories of your existing franchise location owners to work.

It’s pretty simple. Potential franchise business owners are hungry for stories about people who have already made the plunge into franchising and are benefiting from the fruits of their labors. They want to know that their dreams of business ownership can come true.

That means the stories of your franchisees are important building blocks for a successful franchise public relations campaign to raise interest in your brand. Each of your franchisees has a story that someone wants to know about. Their stories can resonate with aspiring business owners, who can see their hopes and dreams reflected in them.

Start by prominently featuring franchisee testimonials in website content. Develop blogs and social media posts to help share their stories. Help the location owners secure interviews with the news media and trade publications. Each story shared about a location owner raises the visibility of your company. Over time, all these stories add up, boosting interest in your brand.

Instead of having to develop and implement these public relations efforts on your own, you can partner with Ripley PR. We have decades of experiences representing franchise brands and can do the heavy lifting to put together a winning strategy. We know the franchising industry and ready to help. Want to learn more? Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.


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