PR gives your manufacturing company’s booth the buzz

Now that in-person trade shows are back following the virtual hiatus the pandemic demanded, it’s time to consider if you’re getting the traffic to your booth that you deserve.

trade show participants visit a boothAfter all, your manufacturing company spends hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to design and build the booth and rent the space and commodities needed to properly run it.

With that kind of expenditure, you would hope you’d get the attention – and leads – you need to offset your costs.

But, with the right kind of manufacturing public relations, you will not only attract foot traffic with customers visiting the show, you can also gain other exposure opportunities.

Have a news angle

Many companies believe the booth is the final result of a trade show appearance. But with the right PR, the booth becomes a fancy backdrop for a news announcement that can put a spotlight on your company.

You can use your booth to announce:

  • A new product line
  • A product line extension
  • Research results
  • New branding
  • A major award; or,
  • Sustainable options or feature

Make sure the general news and trade publications are aware of your announcement and be prepared to discuss the announcement at length.

Invite the media to an interview

Even if you don’t have a ground-breaking announcement, a trade show is also an excellent opportunity to discuss your products. Invite the local media or a trade journalist to your booth so you can show how your product solves the problems your customers have.

Prepare your booth staff on how to best interact with the media and have them schooled on how to give an interview. Make sure your team has printed brochures and video testimonials to provide journalists.

Don’t forget to socialize

Don’t forget that you should also use your social media channels to promote your booth, as well. Usually, the show’s organizers will provide you with the correct hashtags to use or profiles to follow in order to get your messages out to the target audience.

Make sure your content centers around your trade show activities and how to find your booth.

At Ripley PR, our manufacturing PR professionals know how to help you stand out in a crowd of thousands. Our experts know what angles the media is looking for and what stories to tell. Let us create a buzz around your booth by calling (865) 977-1973 today!



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