PR Can Help your Internal Communications and Reputation at the Same Time

It may seem a little extreme for your company to consider hiring a PR firm to help with your internal communications. After all, you may think your company is doing everything right when it comes to communicating with your employees and providing a good working environment. If you step away from your role, however, and imagine what a typical employee might think about working there, what comes to mind?

Do employees feel valued? Does the company reward excellence? Does your company have internal social media accounts that encourage posts or idea sharing from employees? Do you empower staff members so they can take ownership of projects rather than just tell them what to do? 

When you consider how competitive the market is for great employees, hiring an outside professional team help to grow your company into a business that is known as a supportive, pioneering and sought-after place to work might be one of the best moves you could make. Many companies think they are ahead of the game and go so far as to employ internal “cheerleaders” as part of the HR department, but unfortunately, many of these hires are unqualified and have little experience managing employee recognition programs or have little or no experience in communications.

Rather than give up because it sounds too complicated, or make the mistake of hiring someone to manage internal communications with little experience, imagine what a professional PR firm can accomplish:

  • A PR firm will set up employee programs that are proven to work
  • A PR firm will build a stellar reputation that will attract top level employees
  • A PR firm will put in place employee recognition systems to increase morale and camaraderie
  • A PR firm will help identify and train employee influencers to enhance the company image through social media interactions
  • A PR firm will create internal communication strategies that align with the company culture and increase awareness among employees
  • A PR firm will assist in identifying and training staff in best practices for communicating and explaining company objectives in the most effective manner

And, the real reason why PR firms should be hired to get your internal communications back on track is because communication is their business. Look for a PR company, like Ripley PR, with experience and a track record working with HR departments, helping businesses attract, hire, train and retain the best employees.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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