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It’s unlikely any person or industry has been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems the unemployment rate is growing higher each day, with millions out of work and struggling to pay their bills.

But, it’s not just individuals struggling. Industries across the country are working hard to keep their products going out the door. Take the automotive industry, for example. It’s estimated the auto industry will be forever changed, as sales continue to plummet. Changes are coming, and hard decisions will have to be made. The struggle is real, but then, so is help.

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Meeting in the middle

By partnering with an automotive public relations agency, these companies have the opportunity to work with someone who understand their pain points and knows how to amplify positive aspects.

At Ripley PR, our team can offer valuable assistance across the board, including:

  • Crisis management: Difficult decisions must be made, but how you handle the aftermath is what will define your company. With a PR company by your side, you’ll weather any potential storm.
  • Media outreach: It’s important to keep your brand focused and top-of-mind, not only for consumers but for your industry partners, as well. We’ll help you shine a spotlight on achievements, new products and more.
  • Connected content: Advertising and marketing campaigns of the past don’t have the same reach they used to. Buyers are turning online to thought leaders and influencers to inform their decisions. From social media management to blogs to thought leadership pieces, we can help you craft your message and make the right connections.

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This pandemic will pass, and eventually we’ll discover to a new normal. Contact Ripley PR, or give us a call at (865) 977-1973 and let us help you plan the path forward.

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