PR Can Help Navigate the Differences of the B2B Buyer

The way companies do business is evolving right before our eyes. With hybrid workdays and more online meetings, getting the right B2B Tech public relations team can help you navigate the complex B2B buyer.

As businesses continue to go digital, B2B SaaS sales are primed to continue to grow along with that trend. A team like Ripley PR can elevate your brand story and increase awareness of your product on the right digital platforms as B2B buyers tend to shop there.

In fact, 70-80% of B2B buyers prefer remote interactions or self-service in the new climate, according to McKinsey & Company.

It’s also important to understand that the B2B technology buyer is more than just one buyer. You’re selling to the user, the manager, and the person forking out the money. With the right B2B public relations team, the buyer will be able to fully vet and see the positive feedback that your software has received.

Another way the B2B buyer is different involves your relationship. They want to be treated as partners, not as vendors. The right B2B SaaS public relations messaging can get that out to the buyer.

With the B2B buyer being more complex and connected, here are a few other ways public relations can help connect in B2B SaaS sales:

  • SEO – Keeping you at the top of the search engine is key when connecting with a buyer. With the right SEO presence, businesses searching for solutions like yours will find you first rather than your competitors. They can also find your product info and press clippings about your news easier.the right B2B Tech public relations team can help you navigate the complex B2B buyer.
  • Credibility – With a B2B technology public relations strategy, the buyer can quickly verify your authority in the space. By garnering earned media coverage and strategically placing articles, your target audience will read stories and case studies about competing companies using your software to help grow their businesses. They can see the value in your offerings through social proof, and their decision to buy will be easier.
  • Thought Leadership – Your tech will not just have credibility; you will be viewed as an expert in the field. If a journalist needs a trusted voice, you can get the call. After seeing your company in local media or on the national outlets, your thoughts can be positioned as the voice of the present and the future in your industry.

Does this sound like something you can do on your own? You can partner with an experienced B2B tech PR team like Ripley PR to create a plan and help you navigate the B2B buyer. Call us today at (865) 977-1973 or visit us online.



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