PR can help automotive businesses break from the pack

The average age of a car on American roads is approaching 12 years old – higher than ever.

For automotive businesses, this presents a golden opportunity — more parts and accessories to be sold to motorists with aging vehicles. Many need parts to keep their rides running; others want accessories like back-up cameras to keep up with technological advances without buying a new car, van or truck.

There is a lot competition out there, however, and automotive business owners need an edge to stay ahead of their competitors. Automotive public relations firms can provide that edge.

A public relations firm such as Ripely PR can help raise the profile of automotive companies large and small. We can help spread the latest automotive news to the public and to trade publications. We can promote a business on a variety of social media platforms, where consumers are turning more and more for information about products across virtually every sector of the economy.

Public relations professionals should demonstrate a knowledge of their clients’ industries, as well as an intimate knowledge of the appropriate trade and consumer publications. We know what items work better on social media than in a press release, and our content specialists are adept at telling a company’s story for the audience they need to reach.

The benefits of public relations to retail businesses are self-evident, but B2B automotive suppliers can benefit as well. The importance of earning and maintaining a reputation among industry leaders for quality work delivered on time cannot be understated.

When crises arise – as they do from time to time – an automotive public relations firm can help guide a business to a safe harbor. Vehicle recalls and parts failures can subvert consumer confidence or ruin a company’s reputation among business customers. A public relations firm can help craft a plan to address crisis situations.

Ripley PR is a public relations agency specializing in franchise, manufacturing, construction and automotive industries. Call us at 865.977.1973 if you want your automotive company to pull away from the field.

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