PR can create a more attractive home service conversion franchise opportunity

Many independent home services business owners eventually reach a plateau. They’re doing fine – they may even be considered a wild success by friends and colleagues. But there’s another level they want to reach, and they don’t know how to get there.

Franchise conversion is often exactly what entrepreneurs like these need. When a trusted local or regional HVAC, plumbing or garage door business converts to an established franchise, they can gain immediate benefits, including brand awareness, marketing and training support, and proven business systems. New leads, more efficient operations and franchise support can boost revenue quickly and set the stage for continued rapid growth.

Successful conversions are good for franchisors, too. But do potential conversion prospects know that your franchise brand’s resources are available, or the immediate gains your system can make possible?

A franchise conversion strategy is essential for home service franchise brands. In order to put your plan into practice, however, business owners in your target markets must recognize the opportunity.

Here are some ways an experienced home service franchise public relations agency could help you get the most out of your conversion strategy:

  • Media outreach: An effective PR agency can leverage relationships with industry and franchising trade publications and local or regional media in target markets to connect your brand with potential conversion candidates as well as traditional franchise recruits.
  • Brand awareness: Media relations, content marketing, social media management and thought leadership are the major tools a PR agency can apply to building awareness and trust among consumers – and the business owners serving them.
  • Reputation management: Whether it’s helping your company managing a crisis, maintaining an engaging social media presence or earning industry recognition through awards and speaking engagements, franchise public relations can burnish and protect your company’s reputation.

If your home service franchise conversion strategy is stalled, consider teaming with Ripley PR. Our team of franchise public relations experts can put together a plan that will help you reach more potential recruits and start to convert those opportunities into new franchises. Visit us online or call (865) 977-1973.


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