Playing matchmaker for automotive businesses

From the Model-T of yesteryear to today’s driverless cars, Americans have been infatuated with the automobile. And companies in the automotive industry have been wooing them the entire time.

Sometimes suitors need help, however. An automotive public relations firm can serve as matchmaker in these relationships.

Technological advances, such as rear-view video cameras and self-parking systems, can be bewildering to consumers, especially if they haven’t bought a new car in the past few years. Shade-tree mechanics are going the way of the gas jockey. How do consumers know where to turn?

Automotive public relations is one of Ripley PR’s specialties. We can put news about your automotive company in front of writers and editors at key general and trade publications. We can spread the word about new products and technology through social media, where Americans now go to find out what to buy and where to find it. Ripley PR also can help manage customer feedback, a particularly important factor now that online reviews have become crucial in attracting new customers.

Sometimes even the best relationships hit rough patches. Vehicle recalls, parts failures and other incidents can shake consumer confidence in your business, even when the cause is out of your control. Public relations professionals can help you develop a plan to address these crises and support you in delivering a forthright and effective response to crises large and small.

Knowing how to make – and sustain – a perfect match between businesses and consumers lies at the heart of public relations. Ripley PR is a global public relations agency specializing in franchise, manufacturing, construction and automotive industries. Call us at 865.977.1973 if you want your automotive company to make a lasting impression.

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