Picture This: Using Instagram to Promote B2B Success

When it comes to B2B public relations, everyone thinks of using Facebook and Twitter as part of their social media strategies. The smartest B2B companies know that they have another useful tool at their disposal: Instagram.

A photo-sharing app, Instagram is the sixth most popular global social media platform with more than 1 billion users. It’s an easy and effective way to generate interest and engagement for your company.

Show Off What You Do

Instagram is perfect for showing off B2B products or services. Snap a picture of a product being used or an employee hard at work. Share pictures of clients during site visits. Post a short testimonial video from a satisfied customer.

Share Infographics

Want to share some fast facts about your products? Create and post infographics to Instagram. They can be quickly and easily created through a variety of online tools and mobile applications.

Introduce New Employees

Instagram likes smiling faces. Introduce your new (or old) employees. Share a few interesting facts about them. Don’t be afraid to show off company culture, either. In today’s tight job market, it’s good to show potential applicants the advantages of working for your business.

Be Consistent

One consideration when using the application is creating a distinct identify for your business. Hootsuite reports it’s important to establish a visual identity for your brand on Instagram:

A visual social media report from WebDam found that 60 percent of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for every post. By using the same filters over and over, you can establish a style that will become recognizable to your followers. Since your goal is to get Instagram users to stop scrolling once they see your image (in order to engage with it by liking or commenting), the more instantly recognizable your photos are, the better.

Ready to Start?

If you’d like to start using Instagram and other social media tools to boost your B2B company but just don’t have the time, you can partner with Ripley PR. Our team of B2B PR experts can help develop and execute effective social media strategies to help your company grow. Contact us today.


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