Overcome the Talent Shortage with the Right PR Agency

According to the latest Manpower Group “Talent Shortage Survey,” 46 percent of employers across the United States report they cannot find the skills they need in available workers. As it stands, that’s 2 percent higher than the global average report. One of the industries most affected by this shortage of quality labor is construction.

Construction companies and contractors across the nation are struggling to meet their labor needs and retain quality employees, and the much-publicized opioid epidemic is only a portion of the problem. A pervasive “college or bust” indoctrination continues to steer young adults toward four-year degrees that often fail to provide placement, and it serves to further place a stigma on blue-collar jobs like construction.

One answer to this ongoing issue is to partner with an experienced construction public relations company.

The right agency can launch two campaigns for a construction business – one for brand awareness, expert positioning and lead generation, and one to position the company as an attractive choice for employment and even a career.

To launch a successful HR-focused public relations campaign, it’s important to partner with a construction public relations agency that understands the nuances of the industry, how to communicate with the right audiences and the mediums through which to reach your target employees.

Part of the challenge is dispelling the stereotypes surrounding the job, and offering an inside look into your winning culture is key. This not only includes informing prospective employees of your competitive pay and generous benefits but also highlighting the personality of your business, the exciting projects you complete and the impact you have on the communities you serve.

To find out more about how your construction business’s hiring and human resources department can benefit by partnering with an experienced public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today.

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