Overcome mudslinging with positive home service public relations

Competition can get fierce in the home services industry. From pressure coming from larger companies with multiple departments and a sizeable fleet to smaller one and two-truck operations that charge bottom-dollar, truly owning your market is already no easy feat. But what happens when local competitors start really playing hardball, disseminating misinformation that creates confusion among homeowners and subtly paints your company in a bad light?

To respond or not to respond?

Seeing an aggressive flyer, commercial or online campaign can easily tempt you to respond. Putting you into a defensive posture, however, is exactly what your competitors want. Sometimes, a response may be warranted, but there are ways to do it without giving your competitors more attention. Do you already have an agency experienced in home service public relations fighting on your side? If not, we recommend checking out what a team like Ripley PR can do. The right agency can work with you to set the record straight, generate trust and credibility for your brand and bury the bad with more good news.

Power of positive PR

When it comes to effective home service public relations, one best practice is to never repeat a negative statement. No matter how enticing it might be, repeating language designed to undermine your brand simply keeps the negative message – and your competitors – top of mind for homeowners in your market.Positive home service public relations can result in added trust and happier customers.

The best tactic is to issue your own statements on the topic. A PR team that knows the home service space can help craft a press release, e-blasts other content like letters or blog posts that serve to educate homeowners without mentioning your competitors or their messages. Their media relations department can also reach out to journalists in your market with your statements, offering you as the local expert on the matter and securing earned coverage that will help build trust and credibility among potential customers.

To learn more about how home service public relations can help you fight mudslinging in your market, contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973.


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