No More Agency Fails for Franchisors

Not all B2B franchisors get the attention they need or deserve.

Failed publicity efforts are no fun, not to mention time-consuming and costly.  If you’re a Franchisor, but aren’t reaching the right potential franchise location owners, growing your brand can be frustrating at best.  To get the word out about your franchise network opportunity takes strategic planning.  The message needs to be delivered clearly and effectively, ultimately generating legitimate, solid leads. Most PR firms just aren’t experienced in this B2B category, so you cannot rely on them to convey your message successfully.  That’s why you need a partner like Ripley PR.  We specialize in franchise public relations, taking franchisors to the next level in brand networking.

There are so many connections the right PR firm can help businesses make. For example, Ripley PR offers partnership opportunities within the home services industry like HVAC, plumbing, garage doors, windows, lawn care, and the list goes on.  We also help develop key branding campaigns, corporate communication and a proactive crisis management plan.

Ripley PR can position your brand as a prime choice for aspiring business owners.

We can help your franchise business connect to potential location owners through strategic, thorough content driven platforms including speaking engagements, blogs, and social media.   Once you’ve sold a franchise, our service doesn’t stop there!  We also help market the individual franchisees along with your overall brand.  This makes the sale of a franchise even that more appealing.  We are completely full-service.  We’re different than most PR agencies. We provide you with simple, ongoing analytics, showing your true return on investment. We want you to know what we do on a daily basis to promote and advocate for your brand.  We’ll have your back, and your partners’.

Call us at 865-977-1973 or visit us online to learn how a professional public relations team can make a positive impact on your reputation, relationship building and overall revenue streams.

Deborah Mauldin

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