New year, new you: Two PR tactics to help amplify your success in 2018

Whatever 2018 means to you and your manufacturing company, we want to be there to help you make it the most successful year yet. When it comes to manufacturing public relations, we’re constantly strategizing with international and publicly held manufacturing companies to help boost their earned media presence and tell their stories.

Here are two tactics we’re incorporating in 2018 to help our manufacturing partners get the most out of the new year:

  1. Employee spotlights – Whether they’re sweeping the factory floor or running the accounting department, from top to bottom the people that work in your company deserve to be recognized for the work they do. Employee spotlights are a great way to show thanks to your employees while telling their story. We’ve uncovered some amazing and unique stories for our clients just by asking a few simple questions, and those stories can then be told either through your blog and social media channels, or pitched to the media for even bigger coverage. Employee spotlights are also a great recruiting tool, as it helps those interested in working with your company have a better understanding of who works there and what it means to be a part of your company.
  2. Video case studies and testimonials – Case studies and testimonials have always been a powerful tool. While we’ve written plenty of both, the growing need for video content from audiences across all platforms is not going away. If you’re looking to develop more testimonials or case studies this year, we encourage you to incorporate video whenever possible. Video case studies and testimonials are more powerful than plain text because they engage in a way that only a moving, visual medium can. You see and hear the people involved, and music and other visual effects can be added to help bring out the emotion of the story being told.

Contact Ripley PR today and we can help you incorporate these two tactics as well as other proven methods to help you make 2018 your best year yet.


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