Narrative Hooks: The Power of Storytelling in Marketing

Stories make the world go round. Even the world of B2B and franchise public relations.

People don’t simply buy products or services. They are often buying stories – the stories of the customers who talk about your products and who use your services, the stories you tell about the quality of your business.

I’m a plumber, you might say? What stories could I tell? Well, they don’t have to be just about what you sell. They can be about you and your employees or about your expertise and dependability. There can also be the little stories that create good will for your organization. You might have a singing plumber or an HVAC technician who donates his time to feeding the hungry. You might support a good cause or help a special customer.

The best marketing and public relations finds a narrative hook – a story — to draw in customers. The art is in conveying those stories in compelling and direct ways.

Writing in Forbes, Steve Olenski counsels that the best marketing stories are real ones – not fiction:

Storytelling in of itself is perhaps the best way to hit that emotional chord with your customers. Tell stories that are real or at the very least based on real stories and tell them in a way that evokes feelings and emotions and so on. Do not under any circumstances try and hit that emotional level just for the sake of hitting it for consumers will see right through you.

Here at Ripley PR, we understand the power of story in good public relations and how to help your business sell its products and services through those stories. We’re based in Maryville, Tennessee, and we specialize in B2B and franchise public relations for clients across the country. Want more leads? Give us a call.

Joel Davis, Senior Content Specialist

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