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If you are a healthcare IT professional, you are acutely aware that healthcare IT is a big business. From product launches to managing big data streams across multiple platforms, healthcare IT permeates a broad spectrum of the healthcare industry. A key component of any healthcare IT public relations strategy is the use of industry specific trade shows, but are you maximizing the benefits of your healthcare IT trade show spend?

When looking at a list of the biggest medical and healthcare trade shows this year, technology is a driving factor in many of these events. How can you maximize the effectiveness of your position at a trade show, especially when there are other organizations that are looking to promote at the same show? Effective implementation of your healthcare IT public relations programs should include: Healthcare IT public relations Ripley PR

Pre-Show Promotion: If your healthcare IT company is debuting a new product, SaaS offering or another offering at a trade show, promoting the offering through your healthcare IT public relations partner is a great first step. Starting 6 weeks prior to the show, use a healthcare IT public relations campaign that includes press releases, social media integration via company blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and other outlets to “tease” the new product that will debut at the show. Driving brand awareness and building marketing “buzz” will help drive interest in your product prior to the show.

Contact Lists: Working with your healthcare IT public relations partner, determine a contact list of media members to collaborate with prior to, during and after the trade show to promote your healthcare IT product offering. Having a healthcare IT public relations team to create media lists, craft press releases and distribute to appropriate media lists can assist your company in finding the right outlets to share information about your new product.

Booth Design and Integration: If your healthcare IT product will be debuting in your booth at the trade show, determine the relevant information that will need to be distributed in your booth during the event. Additionally, is your booth layout and design portraying the right message for your healthcare IT brand, product and company? If your healthcare IT company is more than a single product that you are debuting at a trade show, incorporating the full suite of products that your company offers into your booth layout and design is important to compliment the other products that your company has to offer. Working with your healthcare IT public relations and marketing partner to create an inviting booth space for the entire trade show time period is critical to maximize the expenditure of a trade show space.

When done correctly, healthcare IT trade shows can help drive brand awareness, increase sales and create new opportunities for your brand. Partnering with an experienced healthcare IT public relations partner like Ripley PR can allow you to maximize your healthcare IT brand with trade show attendees, so contact Ripley PR today to learn how we can help you make the most out of your healthcare IT trade show experience.

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