Manufacturing PR Keeps your Company Healthy

The health of your manufacturing company has many more layers than profit margin alone. An effective PR strategy can promote your company to keep investors interested and entice new recruits. 

Manufacturing public relations can help promote your company and boost your growth.
Manufacturing professionals celebrate growth

Small changes in manufacturing make for big stories. Effective manufacturing public relations can share your company’s growth story to garner media and keep the momentum going towards bigger changes and milestones.

Manufacturing Story Hooks

What does a great manufacturing PR look like?

  • Legacy: Manufacturing companies are responsible for building things the world has never seen before. They have changed life as we know it and are the threads of our history. Reaching a big anniversary and celebrating inventiveness as well as resilience is a story of growth and staying power. 
  • Expansion: Adding new facilities is likely as a result of greater demand for your products.  Not only does expansion support your sales growth, it shows that you are investing in future growth and expect exponentially higher demand over time.  
  • Providing a solution: Has your product been used to solve a problem in a major project? A public relations agency specialized in manufacturing public relations can craft a compelling case study that explores the problem at hand and how your product created a solution when used in a difficult application.
  • Investment in a community: Big manufacturing companies have a large impact on local economies.Creating jobs locally and sharing the intention to grow and hire shows you are not only invested in your growth but also the growth of the economy in your local market.

Need Help?

The manufacturing public relations team at Ripley PR has years of experience in garnering the right media for manufacturing companies. We learn your company inside and out and tell the stories of your growth to boost your visibility. Contact us today.

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