Making the Leap from Business Owner to Franchisor?

You had a great idea, grew a successful business, and now you have dreams of making your business a household name.

The decisions you make early on as a franchisor affect your business for years to come. You are confident you have a great model, but how can you make sure that, after all of your investment, you can convince others to adopt it?

When you are trying to attract franchisees in the early stages, finding an experienced franchise public relations agency can help leverage your brand to build steady growth and success.  

How Does This Work?

  • Introduce your brand to your market: An effective public relations strategy can garner media in targeted local and trade publications to introduce your brand and solidify your message. This is an opportunity to share with your audience that franchise opportunities are available for prospective business owners.
  • Introduce yourself: To secure franchise owners you need to build their trust. Introducing yourself and telling your business success story will inspire prospective franchise owners to invest in your business model. Franchise public relations helps secure media opportunities for interviews to give you a platform to tell your story and encourage others to become franchisees.
  • Share your growth: Announcing new franchise locations in local media and trade publications helps both the franchisor and the franchisee. It gets the word out that your franchise is growing and attracts other prospective franchisees. Announcing the new business opening in local media helps the franchisee attract customers and grow their business.
  • Celebrate milestones: Have you expanded to a new region, won an award, or hired on new team members to support your rapidly growing franchise? These are all newsworthy achievements, and they deserve to be celebrated! Franchising public relations will help you gain coverage for your achievements and keep your business name in relevant media outlets. Your achievements and growth announcements will show your franchise is healthy and reliable to present and future franchisors.

Find Franchise PR Help

Help your franchise hit the ground running. Ripley PR has extensive knowledge of franchising, and we’ve worked with many franchise clients to help them gain brand awareness in the early stages and steadily grow their business. To start getting your franchise in the news, contact Ripley PR today.

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