Make Lead Generation Simple with White Papers

If your marketing strategy seems to have plateaued, going the informative route to reach home service business owners is key to getting the right attention. So how do you reach the audience you’re seeking? Home service B2B public relations has an approach worth considering for lead generation.

Have you thought about white papers?

A survey found that about 60 percent of respondents considered white papers to be valuable for lead generation. White papers can take a great deal of work to produce, but an educational guide to help your potential clientele understand what solutions you offer to the problems they face is a great way to garner interest. Contractors don’t want to be sold to; they want to know how your products or services can create better results for them.

Developing white papers does require an investment of time and effort to produce quality content, but, if you want to interest your target audience, it’s worth it for your business growth. A public relations agency like Ripley PR can develop interesting and informative white papers and also promote them through blogs and social media posts.

The right PR agency can help you create white paper content worth reading. If you want to generate more leads, contact us at (865) 977-1973 or check out Ripley PR online.


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