Maintain Momentum with a Proper Media Policy

interviewWith any public relations campaign, including one developed for a business to business company, one of the ultimate goals is creating a regular dialogue with members of the media. Whether your efforts land a live television interview, a contributing article or general interest from journalists, taking the time to be prepared before, during and after is vital to the success of any PR campaign.

For many business owners, dealing with the press can be tricky and training your employees on how to act in front of them can be an undertaking. One surefire method to align your entire company around professional actions when dealing with the media is to create what’s called a media policy. This can give your staff a run-down of procedures to follow when fielding questions and concerns from the press.

When developing your own media policy, here are a few top tips to ensure yours stays robust for years to come.

  • Appoint a Dedicated Media Liaison: This method of having one individual who is specially trained in dealing with the media will ensure control of your brand’s messaging no matter what. With a liaison, figures, campaigns and other announcements can be fact checked by one dedicated individual, thus eliminating any internal confusion. This method also benefits the media who will be given a familiar face they can go to and trust to get your company’s information accurately and quickly.
  • Conduct Regular Media Training: When dealing with the media, it is important to be well trained on how to respond to all questions and possibilities. Journalists can be unpredictable but having a plan in action in regards to approved responses can save your company from falling into a potential crisis. It is wise to regularly inform all employees who may find their way in front of the camera or microphone of all the appropriate facts, figures and messaging before opportunities strike.
  • Designate a Spokesperson: Having a liaison can keep media relations going but having a spokesperson can ensure your positive public opinion grows. This person should be a higher up executive or manager in the company and should be motivated to speak regularly, professionally and soundly about your business. This could very well be you, the owner.

Media policies can go a long way to maintaining positive media relations that in turn create positive overall brand awareness. If your B2B company is looking toward the future with a new public relations campaign, ensure it is conducted properly with the professional assistance from Ripley PR. To find out more, contact us today!


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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