Local Media Coverage vs National Franchise Coverage – It’s a Different Ballgame

You operate a national franchise brand, and great news – it’s growing! New franchises are opening up in exciting new territories, but has each grand opening been as explosive as you hoped it would be?

Mailing lists have been purchased, flyers have been distributed and advertising budgets are being squeezed for the last drop, but where is the local media?

When your national brand gets coverage in franchise media and trade media specific to your industry, it helps puts your brand in front of potential owners ready to invest in the right opportunity at the right time. A great story, byline or advertisement can help them decide to invest in your system. However, the fate of your brand and the stability of your system ultimately lies within the success of your individual franchises, and they deserve the same media coverage to get started off on the right note.

Depending on the market, you may discover rather quickly that the local media doesn’t immediately care as much about your new franchise as you had hoped. It might not matter to them that it’s the 50th location or that you’re the leading franchisor for a specific trade or service, but they will be receptive to writing about the local veteran that is now a business owner thanks to a military-friendly franchise system. They will want to publish the story about the father that’s pledging a certain amount of his new-found business profits back to the local hospital for research into his son’s condition (true story).

To truly break into local media for each of your territories, it’s advised to hire an experienced franchise public relations agency. The right agency will be able to secure local coverage for each store, generate excitement around their grand openings and paint them in the right light for their specific customer base as early as possible.

A professional franchise public relations team can do that by:

  • Researching, identifying and pitching the right media contacts for each location
  • Finding the right story angles for each franchise owner, and then making connections relevant to their territory
  • Utilizing tried and true methods of communication and delivery

The process takes time, experience and intuition, and it’s best to not take all of this on yourself. To find out more about how an experienced franchise public relations agency can alleviate your workload, get real results for your franchisees and make a difference for your brand, contact Ripley PR today.

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