Leverage PR to Celebrate Your Company Milestones

Milestones don’t happen every day. Anniversaries or major occurrences within your company should be treated in a way that represents just how important they are. Whether you are celebrating your 25th or 50th anniversary as a manufacturing company, you need to treat it with the excitement it deserves.

Many companies neglect to make the most of major milestones. If done properly, milestone celebrations can last six months to a year and garner exposure for your manufacturing company. From videos on your website to a comprehensive campaign surrounding the occasion, there are multiple ways to maximize the value of a major milestone.

Working with a manufacturing public relations firm, such as Ripley PR, is one of the best ways to ensure you have the tools necessary to truly celebrate your milestone while getting the most exposure for your organization. Here are a few ways that public relations can help you benefit from your major accomplishments.

Expanding your brand message: Milestones are a great way to showcase your brand message. This is an opportunity to explain to your customer base who you are and how your company’s message has allowed you to reach the heights that it has. This can be done by developing a brand logo for the website along with videos and photos showcasing the journey. A page dedicated to your milestone gives you an additional avenue to further explain and promote your message to your customers.

Telling your story: This is the area where many companies fall short. Celebrating a major milestone, such as an anniversary, doesn’t have to be simple. While a celebratory Facebook or Twitter post is fine, manufacturing companies need to reach beyond the traditional means. In regards to PR, our company can create content for six months to a year, using the milestone to build momentum toward bigger media opportunities. This content can be shared with local media outlets to reach a bigger audience.

Highlight your long-time employees: Milestones also allow companies to showcase those who helped them become successful. Through press releases or online mediums, your manufacturing company can display employee bios, videos and photographs online. This not only helps with content but also helps put your business culture on display.

If you are ready to discover a new way to celebrate your milestones through PR, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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