Let Ripley PR help you own your tech company’s verticals

As a B2B tech startup, you probably already know the vertical markets you should focus on to get the word out about your SaaS-based solutions.

But do you know how to own your verticals by positioning yourself as the leader in those markets?

You can start by partnering with a proven B2B tech public relations agency that knows how to make you a standout in your field. Through a combination of content deliverables, like press releases, social media posts and long-form articles, the smart PR professional knows how to weave together your company’s story to drive your success.

Touting your successes

Most potential B2B customers want the companies they do business with to show how they can solve their specific problems or help them generate more success.

By helping you shore up key awards and memberships to key recognition lists, a good B2B tech PR agency provides you with leverage to be the difference-maker in your space. Winning awards boosts your visibility by increasing your chances for earned media.

The fact that your company is good enough to win prestigious awards and the increased visibility your company receives as a result is attractive to potential customers. This recognition is often the key differentiator when you’re up against your closest competitor in a bid for business.

Thought leadership

In addition to award-winning services, customers also want to know if you “know your stuff.”

Public relations professionals know how to put your expertise on display in more subtle ways. Your press releases, social media posts and public appearances should not always be self-serving. There is as much value in demonstrating you are the leader in your industry because of your knowledge of the market as there is in selling your company directly.

You should be the first person the media calls upon when the news involves your industry and the first to provide advice. If your focus is on digital payment security, you can easily speak out when a data breach occurs. If your company provides construction tech services, be the most coveted speaker at the upcoming construction innovation conference.

If you aren’t already that person, the right public relations agency will make you that expert.

Manage your reputation

Hopefully, you will never need to contact a PR agency because of a business crisis but managing your reputation shouldn’t be relegated for use to only those times when something bad has happened.

With B2B tech public relations, managing your good reputation is spotlighted to generate goodwill about your organization. If your team volunteers at the local food bank every month or you provide rewards to your customers, spread the news of your good deeds to build a positive reputation. It can also help if a crisis does eventually happen because customers are more likely to forgive a company they view in a positive light.

If you’re tired of seeing your competition get the accolades, the quotes in the local press and the majority of the business, it’s time to call Ripley PR to see how we can promote your B2B business. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website to see how we can help you own your vertical.


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