Let PR help you become construction’s top thought leader

Every industry has thought leaders.

construction thought leaderWhether your industry is finance, tech, medicine or construction, there’s always someone whose advice the media and the public turn to when stories arise from those industries.

But becoming known as an expert in the construction field doesn’t just happen overnight. Like a brand, thought leaders have to cultivate their abilities and earn the trust of their audiences over time.

One way to begin earning that trust is by developing a robust construction public relations strategy that embraces and expands on your expertise. You know your business. You understand your industry. Now it’s time to put that expertise to work helping others while building your brand.

Add value

While being able to communicate with an audience is a plus, the real test is to deliver value to your listeners or readers every time you connect. Being able to solve their problems or help them better understand an issue is to their benefit and yours.

Be authentic

When you are solving problems and educating audiences, it also helps to be relatable. No one cares much for the cheesy approach often associated with used car dealers. They also don’t like it when you come off as a televangelist hawking for cash.

That’s why it’s important to be yourself and remain relaxed. If your audience sees you enjoying yourself, they will do so in return.

Share your insights often

Writing one blog post is a great start but it won’t help you develop followers overnight. You need to get your thoughts, advice and opinion out to readers, viewers and listeners on a regular basis.

In days gone by, thought leaders had only a handful of mediums through which they could present their viewpoints. But today, we have blogs, social media and your company’s own website in addition to television, print and radio.

At Ripley PR, we realize that it’s often hard to find the time to post blogs or find news opportunities that would benefit from your expertise. That’s why our construction PR experts are available to help you build your arsenal of content.

If you’re ready to become a thought leader in the construction field, call Ripley at (865) 977-1973 and let’s get started on a strategy to build your brand.


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