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As time passes, companies grow and evolve to keep up with the change in consumer needs and demands. Changes can also be forced due to changes in regulations. We are seeing it today with the upcoming HVAC standards and refrigerant changes. With those changes come new products that serve the industry. Even if you develop the best, most efficient product on the market, no one will know about it if you don’t promote it.

If reaching industry leaders and decision-makers is your goal, manufacturing public relations is a tool for you. Manufacturing PR agencies, like Ripley PR, understand the manufacturing industry and its jargon. Our experts can take a complex product and develop content that is easy for anyone to understand.

Here are a few ways our experts can help get information about your new products into the hands of industry leaders and decision-makers.

  • Write a press release: When you have a new product, it’s important to announce it. Our experts can develop a professionally written press release including all the important details while also making it easy to read. Our press releases are distributed on the national wire and are often picked up by a plethora of websites nationwide.
  • Media Outreach: Our team of experts actively reaches out to industry publications with article ideas. Whether it’s pitching the press release about your product or pitching related topics, our team works to secure media opportunities that mention your new product. This builds credibility for your brand among contractors, decision-makers and industry leaders.
  • Assist with industry tradeshows: With industry tradeshows making a strong comeback, you may be interested in showcasing your new product. Our experts can proactively reach out to journalists who are attending the show and set up interviews. These interviews allow you to promote your new product and build a relationship with the journalists and publications.

Developing a new product is no easy task, and it deserves to be spotlighted. Choose a PR agency that can be your microphone while helping you build brand awareness. If you are ready to partner with an award-winning agency, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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