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When you pick up a newspaper and see an article about a business, what is your first thought? Is it that the journalist is slanting the story or biased? Doubtful. In fact, according to a report from The Hill, a combined 58% of Americans either “fully believe” or “mostly believe” news stories that have been reported. According to Statista, only 46% of consumers in the United States trust TV and print advertising with trusted radio ads falling at 45%.

So, what does that mean? When it comes to building brand awareness, being published in a trusted publication can help customers recognize your company and increase leads.

But while you are excellent at providing high-quality services, how do you convince journalists to write stories about your company? Even more important, how can you get journalists to pick your business over other home service companies in the area? Home service public relations can help create an avenue for your company to build relationships with journalists while also securing prime spots in their publications.

Home service PR agencies, like Ripley PR, are experts at securing media opportunities for companies in the trades. Our experts value the importance of earned media and dedicate their time and services to maximizing our client’s potential through articles, news stories and media appearances. Through proactive media outreach, our specialists pitch story ideas that highlight your expertise to respected journalists in your market to secure media opportunities. Not only does this get your name in the publication, but it also builds you and your brand into thought leaders in your industry.

In addition, our experts also develop professionally written content that can be pitched to the media to help secure opportunities. From a press release on tips to maximize your air conditioning unit to a bylined article on growth within the industry, our experts can produce error-free articles that build and represents your brand.

If you are ready to secure your spot in trusted media publications, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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