Lara Bergman

Lara Bergman, PR Content Writer, Programs Specialist

Telling your story and sharing your company’s news is Lara Bergman’s specialty. She weaves our clients’ narratives into a tapestry of content. She wants the world to know about your organization’s award, new product or service or ideas on improving life.

Lara started her writing career as a reporter working for several daily newspapers before moving into content writing for marketing and public relations. While reporting, Lara covered everything from crime to education to government. She has worked as a marketing and public relations specialist for several tech companies and understands the value of explaining cutting edge innovations.

Having worked on both sides of the content-creation aisle, Lara knows what journalists want to know about our client companies. As a PR content writer at Ripley PR, she will work with you to share your good news with both the media and with your prospective customers.

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