Keeping the ‘Care’ in ‘Healthcare Tech’

Tell Your Patient-Focused Story with Great PR

A tweet caught my eye today. Dr. Sachin H. Jain of CareMore Health had these words of wisdom about healthcare technology:

What if — rather than “innovation” in healthcare — we committed to a simpler idea: radical common sense. 

Committing to “radical common sense” means that we drive towards making the right thing happen — not just the expedient thing — when someone needs our help.

What he’s saying resonates with anyone who provides or receives medical care. When you’re ill or injured, you need the assurance that all providers are acting with your best interest — the patient’s best interest — at heart. And those providers include creators of healthcare tech.

Doctor using virtual reality healthcare technology

While healthcare IT innovations can make life easier and workflows more efficient for providers, that can’t be the core of their mission. To maintain that vital element of patient trust, everything in healthcare should be focused on improving patient outcomes, including tech used by providers.

A Narrative of Trust

That story, the way your tech helps patients get better faster, should be the focus of your marketing message, and that’s what the healthcare IT public relations experts at Ripley PR can help you craft. Yes, it’s important to let doctors and healthcare institutions know how the tech will save them time and money, but look at their mission statements. Without fail, their stated missions go beyond profitability, putting patient outcomes in the spotlight. Find the way your tech helps save and improve patients’ lives, then tell that story to gain traction in the marketspace.

Consider some of these initiatives for patient-focused marketing:

  • Social media: You can reach patients and healthcare providers via social media by providing helpful information and thoughtfully engaging in the healthcare IT conversation.
  • White papers: A well-crafted white paper can analyze the benefits of your tech solution in terms of patient outcomes, presenting data points and research to strengthen your position.
  • Media appearances: Establish your company leaders as trusted experts with appearances in respected media outlets, showing their patient focus and gaining credibility in the field.

Finding Help

If you’re struggling to create the right narrative and gain widespread acceptance for your heathcare IT solution, a healthcare IT public relations agency can help you hit the ideal tone. Ripley PR’s pros have industry experience that will inform your branding and messaging to build trust with patients and healthcare providers. If you’re ready to do the right thing and truly change patients’ lives we would love to hear from you. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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