Jared Sebby

Jared Sebby, Content Marketing Writer 
Jared loves sharing other people’s stories. During his career as a freelance journalist and writer, he worked with prize-winning architects, internationally-recognized artists and business owners to promote their work to local and national audiences. Now he uses that experience as a content marketing writer for Ripley PR to produce meaningful and engaging content for our clients.

Growing up in a family of East Tennessee tradespeople, Jared gained a deep respect for the hard work he saw in the construction, automotive and manufacturing industries. Throughout his childhood, he learned the importance of sharing family stories — especially of his grandmother’s time behind the walls of the Manhattan Project’s Secret City and later as a garment worker in the region’s textile manufacturing industry.
Jared holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee’s College of Communications. His work has appeared in local and national publications and on independent digital publications.

At Ripley PR, Jared especially enjoys telling the stories of hardworking people in the skilled trades and continues to pursue alternate storytelling methods. After a stint as special section photographer for The LaFollette Press, he developed a love for photography that drives him toward landscape and portraiture work.

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