Is Your PR Agency Helping You Grow or Holding You Back?

There’s something to be said for hometown loyalty. That’s why I chose to start my elite national public relations agency in my hometown of Maryville, Tennessee instead of a big city. I love where I’m from, and that’s where I wanted to build my business.

Why did I choose national public relations? Because I saw a need for businesses to grow beyond the borders of their hometowns. I saw businesses struggling to get the exposure they needed to reach their goals. Everyone starts somewhere. When your business only sells to local clientele, it can sometimes make sense to partner with a local PR agency. But the truth is that most PR agencies only specialize in getting local results. Their media contacts are local, and few specialize in developing relationships with national journalists.

If you’re ready to grow beyond the borders of your hometown, it might be time to think bigger for your PR, too. You need a national or even global audience, not just stories in your local newspaper. New York Times headlines and Today Show appearances are within your reach with the right agency.

That’s why I founded Ripley PR: To create a hometown greater Knoxville public relations agency that can get big results for businesses like yours.

It’s About Relationships

In public relations, results start with relationships. When you partner with an elite public relations agency, their connections with national and global journalists and knowledge of what national reporters are looking for are part of the partnership.

It takes a lot of time and research to develop the right relationships. That’s because national and global journalists are less likely to cover general news than the reporters at your local news outlets. They often cover beats specific to your industry.

A PR agency that specializes in your field already knows the journalists most likely to take an interest in your news and launch your brand into the spotlight.

Eliminate the Learning Curve

Do you really want to start your public relations partnership with a heavy learning curve? Local public relations agencies might not have the industry knowledge that you and your ideal customers have. But global agencies that specialize in your field do.

With a specialist agency, you won’t have to spend precious time educating your PR team about industry lingo. Your credibility and reputation won’t be at risk. And even better, they will know the story angles that will make your business stand out to journalists.

In short, you’ll get better results, easier and faster if you go with a global PR agency.


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