Is your Knoxville business using professionals to write your content?

The popular saying, “Content is king,” is still true. Today, however, content means more than text. It includes photos, videos, art and anything else that a customer sees or reads. As a Knoxville business owner, your company probably has lots of content available to the public. Your content could be your website, your social media accounts, your advertisements (both print and digital), your email marketing and any announcements you send to the media.

As the owner of a Knoxville public relations agency, I work with a variety of new business clients. I always spend some time looking at and reading as much of their available content as possible. It is surprising to me when I see content with errors that can be easily fixed, but no one has caught them. Mistakes could be as simple as a typo, to more serious errors like misspelled words and errors in facts. Small things like that, however, can leave a bad impression with potential customers.Knoxville B2B Public Relations Ripley PR

Here are the most important reasons businesses in both Knoxville and Maryville need to work with professional writers.

  • Your image with the public counts, so it’s imperative that both the public and other businesses (including your competitors) see you and your business as professional.
  • Writers with experience in your industry will know the correct terms to use and make it easy for your audience to understand. Nothing is worse than having content that users don’t understand.
  • A business writer frees up your time. Good writers can create content much faster than you can, and the content will be correct, current and on trend.
  • If your marketing emails are not getting the results you had hoped, a professional content writer can make the difference between getting email leads and not getting any.
  • The same holds true for your website landing pages. Your website is one of your best lead-generation tools, and if landing pages aren’t crafted with enticing calls to action, you could be missing out on potential customers.

Hiring professional content writers can really help showcase your business in the best light possible. Hire a professional writer or partner with an expert public relations firm like Ripley PR, a Knoxville PR agency, to make a positive impression. Call the team at 865-977-1973 to set up a meeting today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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