Is Your HVAC Business’ Social Media Image the Best it can Be?

When was the last time you viewed your HVAC company’s social media pages? Knowing what your customers see when they research your business online (and they will) is essential to your success. Social media is how most of your HVAC clients will first “see” your business, and you know what they say about first impressions. It’s true for home service B2B manufacturers as well. First impressions count.

The best way to give your online image a boost is by hiring a home service public relations agency like Ripley PR, who employs specialized social media experts skilled in building and maintaining your reputation. air-conditioning-repair-man

Why does your home service social media image matter?

  • Your social media image sets the tone for your online reputation. When customers review your online accounts and platforms and they see unprofessional content or images, they will assume your business isn’t managed well either.
  • If your home service social platforms are not maintained daily, with fresh content added frequently, it conveys the message that your company doesn’t really care about how it does business.
  • Good design, professional-looking posts and informative, useful content will help your HVAC social media pages rank better on Google searches too.
  • Content that is overly-promotional and too pushy will turn off potential business customers. HVAC PR professionals know how to balance sales content with user content that gets more views.

Home service social media management isn’t for amateurs, and is best left to a professional HVAC public relations firm with proven results, like Ripley PR. Call us at 865-977-1973 or visit us online to learn how a professional social media team can turn your online image into a sales tool.


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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